Algae are in the spotlight, including at Wageningen University & Research. Both the university and the research institutes conduct studies on microalgae. This dossier showcases examples of facilities developed for algae. Should you have questions or seek opportunities for a research project, please do not hesitate to contact us through one of our contact persons or the contact form.

Algae cultivation and harvest

Challenges are to be found in the area of selection of the type of alga, enabling its optimal growth and production of useful substances. Various cultivation and harvesting systems are studied to achieve a technically and economically viable extraction.

Biorefinery of algae

Biorefinery of algae to extract, as efficiently as possible, valuable components from the watery systems and from the algae is an important way to obtain substances from (opened) harvested algae.


Research on the application options of algae and their many individual components (obtained through biorefinery) leads to a new and increasing range of opportunities for green feedstock.

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Optimising the chain

The chain may be optimised through a technical and economic evaluation and sustainability analysis of the entire algae chain, including the final product and a sensitivity analysis.

News and background information

Large-scale algae facilities