Animal health & welfare

An animal that feels comfortable, is more robust, healthier and less susceptible to diseases. The animal health and welfare experts from Wageningen Livestock Research develop innovative and practical solutions that ensure that farm animals have a good and healthy life. A life that meets their natural needs as much as possible. Our customers and clients are diverse; from government to NGOs and the private sector.

  • Research on animal welfare and health

What we can do for you?

Our 40 veterinarians, animal scientists, behavioural experts and physiologists have years of experience in animal health and welfare research. Our expertise includes:

  • Use of sensors, real-time monitoring, big data analyses and self-learning algorithms to assess the needs of animals.
  • Dashboards with early-warning and decision-support systems, so that a farmer can quickly intervene to guarantee animal welfare
  • Connecting knowledge on animal welfare and animal health to give meaning to research results
  • Questions about the transition to a more sustainable and circular system, taking into account animal welfare

Contact the head of our department, Yvette de Haas, and formulate a suitable solution for your knowledge questions on animal health and welfare together.