Climate smart livestock farming

One of the topical focus areas of Wageningen Livestock Research is the scientific and applied research into the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in livestock farming. Together with agricultural businesses, governments and NGOs we work on climate smart solutions.

  • Onderzoek klimaat veehouderij

We would like to partner up with you to work on:

  • Less greenhouse gases from livestock
  • Less greenhouse gases from manure
  • Smarter land use and peat soils
  • Emission-reducing animal feed
  • Energy transition in the agrifood chain

Practical and applicable knowledge

Wageningen Livestock Research's research provides substantiated, practical and applicable knowledge at farm level to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Where and how does the emission take place in the various sectors in livestock farming, such as dairy, pig and poultry farms? And what are measures to reduce or prevent emissions? At the same time, we also take into account the reduction of ammonia, odour and particulate matter.

Researchers on Dairy Campus talking about sustainability

Transition to sustainable farming

By working together with partners in a targeted manner, research questions about climate-smart solutions become more and more concrete.

Solutions in practice

Towards 2030, research is mainly focused on making solutions to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases ready for practice. And obtain quantitative data about the emissions as well as about the absorption. Because agriculture does not only emit greenhouse gases, the soil and vegetation also absorb carbon (carbon sequestration) which can compensate for emissions. In this way for example, well-managed and permanent grassland contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It also plays a role in dealing with the consequences of climate change with extremely dry and wet periods.

Keep innovating

In order to meet the climate goals in 2050, we also focus on fundamental research aimed at new knowledge development in the field of climate smart livestock farming. Through objective oriented research and the actual implementation of innovations, the Netherlands can remain a leader in agrifood. In this way we develop knowledge to continue to feed the growing world population in a climate-smart way.

We would like to work together with you to find solutions for emission reduction in livestock farming, such as methane, ammonia and nitrogen? Feel free to ask your question:

Researcher climate smart animal nutrition

Sustainable and profitable livestock farming

Wageningen Livestock Research continuously develops its expertise and applies it toward sustainable and profitable livestock farming.

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Our partners

We conduct research for the agricultural sector, suppliers, food companies, sector organisations, governments, other knowledge institutes and civic organisations across the globe.