Resilience in animals

Wageningen Livestock Research researches improving resilience in animals. In collaboration with entrepreneurs, researchers and experts from the trade and industry sector, we focus on developing relevant indicators and tools that contribute to the resilience of animals and livestock farming systems.

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We are eager to collaborate with you towards:

  • A sustainable, robust livestock herd
  • Practical tools to establish resilience in animals
  • Improving resilience and resistance in a changing climate

Seeking knowledge and solutions

In our research on livestock farming systems, we focus on the animal. Healthy, strong animals are more resilient, as they are less dependent on medication and suffer fewer illnesses. We are eager to work with you on solutions to improve the resilience of your herd by using indicators to measure resilience.

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Working towards resilient farming systems

We work on developing tools to reduce vulnerability to health and well-being risks in animal husbandry. Subsequently, we consider what adjustments can be made to improve resilience, by, for example, specific enrichments in the barn to reduce disease in piglets, or specific types of accommodations.

Current research questions

The altering environment of humans and animals continuously calls for new expertise and insights. Climate change may cause heat stress in cows, for example. Furthermore, there is an increased threat from ‘novel’ viruses and other pathogens. And we also face a transition towards a more circular economy. What role can the self-regulating abilities of animals play? Wageningen Livestock Research has a wealth of expertise and collaborates with the trade and industry sector and the agricultural sector to find appropriate solutions to current issues.

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Sustainable and profitable livestock farming

Wageningen Livestock Research continuously develops its expertise and applies it toward sustainable and profitable livestock farming.

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Our partners

We conduct research for the agricultural sector, suppliers, food companies, sector organisations, governments, other knowledge institutes and civic organisations across the globe.