Safe Seaweed by Design

Safe Seaweed by Design develops protocols to support the seaweed sector in monitoring and assessing safety. We conduct a pilot in Norway to test and revise the protocols and evaluate how monitoring and data sharing can reduce risks. To create the desired impact, we collaborate with European, Chinese and US seaweed producers and the Safe Seaweed Coalition.

Seaweed and food security

To meet the needs of a world population close to 10 billion people by 2050, food production has to increase significantly. Seaweed can play an important role in this as food for humans. Because of the concerns about food, environmental and occupational safety, assessing the risks for producing seaweed-for-food is crucial.


Safe Seaweed by Design will build on the global experiences with seaweed production and processing to identify hazards and develop and disseminate protocols for identifying and reducing risks. The project aims to develop scientifically sound workable guidance to support the global seaweed sector in dealing with risks.

About Lloyd's Register Foundation and the Safe Seaweed Coalition

Lloyd’s Register Foundation is an independent charity that supports education, research and innovation for a safer world. The foundation has been a partner of WUR since 2016, supporting both the SOMOS project and Safe Seaweed by Design through a philanthropic gift. It also supports the Safe Seaweed Coalition, launched in March 2021. The Safe Seaweed Coalition is a global partnership established to support the safety and sustainability of the seaweed industry as it scales up and to unite a fragmented market through a unified vision and goals.

About Safe Seaweed Coalition

The Safe Seaweed Coalition aims to build a safer seaweed industry that provides safe products, safe working conditions and environmental protection as it scales up, building on the recommendations outlined in the Seaweed Manifesto developed by Lloyd's Register Foundation and UN Global Compact in 2020. Twice a year the Coalition will call for proposals and fund activities expected to leverage larger projects under international, national or joint initiative funding programmes. The Coalition has also a fast growing collaborative platform, where members are free to join and participate in the worldwide mapping of the seaweed value chain, by recommending solutions, advertising events and sharing news and knowledge relevant to the Seaweed community.