App KASSIM: interactive learning tool for education and practice

In recent years, many research projects are carried out in the context of the innovation program "Kas als Energiebron", with the aim of reducing the energy consumption of Dutch greenhouse horticulture. The accumulated knowledge, in particular in the field of "Het Nieuwe Telen", are included in simulation models that have been developed by Wageningen University & Research Greenhouse Horticulture over the years and have been extensively validated with measured data. The most relevant model (KASPRO) calculates energy consumption, greenhouse climate and crop growth in greenhouses.

With KASPRO as a simulation engine the new tool KASSIM has been developed which provides an interactive insight into the processes in a greenhouse and visualizes the effects of climate control and outside weather on greenhouse climate, crop evaporation and vertical temperature distribution. With this tool teachers from Dutch education can develop new curriculum in the field of screens and artificial illumination, in particular LED. Together with the extensive documentation on Groen Kennisnet (GKN), teachers can develop, manage and share assignments for students.

In addition to education, KASSIM is also available for the horticultural sector: growers, study groups and in-company training at companies.

Impression KASSIM:

Impressie KASSIM 1
Impressie KASSIM 2