European cooperation


Europe is an important partner for Wageningen University and Research (WUR). Not only because the EU invests a great deal in research and innovation, but also because national and international policies are often made or adopted in Brussels.

Europe’s mission and that of WUR coincide, which means that both parties benefit from cooperating. WUR is extremely active in a range of research programmes and a respected partner in discussions on policy concerning research, agriculture, nutrition, nature, fisheries and the environmental side of the circular economy. Through intensive collaboration with expert and business partners from all over Europe, the EU research programmes are a major source of finance for research at WUR, and in this way function as a multiplier for research and an accelerator for innovation. In addition, knowledge is exchanged with elite institutions from across Europe and further afield.

WUR participation in EU cooperation programmes

WUR is a partner in various EU cooperation programmes. These programmes focus on different objectives. There are, for example, programmes devoted to Knowledge and Innovation Development and to stimulating collaboration with public organisations (ERA-Net), as well as programmes aimed at excellence in science, industrial leadership and tackling social challenges (Horizon 2020) and initiatives for implementing the Strategic Research Agenda (JPI).