National programmes

Wageningen University & Research can attain their ambitions exclusively through powerful partnerships.
WUR works with businesses, the government, NGOs, and other research and education institutions. By collaborating with various partners in the pre-competitive stage and combining our research capacities, businesses can more quickly clear specific thresholds which must be done before commercial product development can take place.

In choosing research topics, WUR matches the national agenda on science and innovation policy. The NWO and the Top Sector policy, are important drivers in this. The issues and routes in the Dutch National Research Agenda also play a leading role in organizing our thematic research.

A selection of our national programmes:

About TO2

Under the name Federation TO2, Wageningen University & Research, Deltares, MARIN, NLR, TNO have joined forces in the field of applied research. Together these institutes are the link between knowledge and innovation in the service of government, business and society. They realize solutions for social issues that lead to a better competitive position for the Dutch business community and a safe, sustainable living environment for citizens.

About 4TU

Four universities of technology (TU Delft, Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Twente and Wageningen University) are jointly committed to strengthening and pooling their technical knowledge with the aim of producing sufficient numbers of highly qualified engineers and technical designers, of conducting outstanding and socially relevant research of an international standard, and of promoting cooperation between research institutes and businesses.