Locations of Wageningen University & Research

On this page you can find an overview of all the locations of Wageningen University & Research in The Netherlands.

Locations in Wageningen

All Wageningen University & Research buildings have a unique number. In and around Wageningen signs refer to these numbered buildings.

Name Building number Organisation
Actio 116 Facilities & Services, Servicedesk IT
Atlas 104 Administration centre, Resource/ Wageningen World, Communication Services, Human Resource Management, Science Shop, Education Project Services, Wageningen International, KLV, Wageningen Economic Research, KLV Professional Match, StartHub
Aurora 127
Axis 118 Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, Agrotechnology and Food Sciences
Carus 120 Animal Sciences Group
Droevendaal 114 Biologisch Proef- en Leerbedrijf ‘Droevendaal’
Forum 102 Wageningen University & Research, Library, In'to Languages
Gaia 101 Wageningen Environmental Research, Environmental Sciences, WOT Nature and Environment
Groot Nergena 111 Student Psychologists, Student Training & Support
Helix 124 Agrotechnology and Food Sciences
Impulse 115 Restaurant Impulse, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research
Innovatron 121 Innovation workshop
Leeuwenborch 201 Social Sciences
Lumen 100 Wageningen Environmental Research, Environmental Sciences
Nergena 112 Unifarm, AlgaePARC, Wepal
Nexus 117 Occupational Social Workers, Confidant, International Advice & Support, Regional IT team (temporary)
Omnia 105 Wageningen University & Research
Orion 103 Wageningen University & Research
Phenomea 125 Wageningen Food & Biobased Research
Radix Serre, Klima, Argos and Nova 109 Plant Sciences Group
Radix 107 Plant Sciences Group, Wageningen Academy, Centre for Development Innovation, Social Sciences
Sport Centre de Bongerd 130 Sports Centre de Bongerd, Thymos
Triton 119 Wageningen Livestock Research
Vitae 123 Wageningen Food Safety Research
Zodiac 122 Wageningen Livestock Research, Animal Sciences

From July 1st 2020, Wageningen Campus is smoke-free.