Education of CPT

The section Communication, Philosophy and Technology (CPT) provides education for Bachelor, Master and PhD students of Wageningen UR and other universities. Professionals are also welcome to participate in our education. CPT offers courses and supervises theses and internships (for WUR students only).


CPT facilitates more than 50 introductory and advanced courses in various social science and life science programmes. In our education we aim to enhance understanding on the processes that may foster bridging between people that live in different ‘worlds’. In our courses students learn to develop new forms of dialogue and persuasive communication, analyse and clarify key values and arguments, and to contribute to strategies for inclusive development and responsible innovation. Students learn about analytical and practical approaches through real-life cases and experiences. This helps them to become professionals that can link theory and practice, connect different worlds and contribute to change. 


CPT provides courses in a number of minors that relate to communication and innovation. Please check out the list at the bottom of this page.

Theses and internships

CPT supervises Bachelor, Master and PhD students when they work on their thesis or do an internship. You can either develop your own topic or find an internship position on your own. Another way is to select an available internship position or thesis topic provided by CPT. Please note that your thesis topic must always be approved by your thesis supervisor and the internship position must be approved by the education coordinator. Check the available topics on our Brightspace page (for WUR students only).

Course guides

Thesis and internship course guides and other relevant documents are shared on our online platform on Brightspace. By enrolling yourself you have access to all relevant information.