Connecting master's - Animal Sciences

Graduates from the bachelor's programme Animal Sciences mostly continue to study in a two-year master's programme Animal Sciences. Various other master's programmes are on offer at Wageningen University & Research.

Graduates from the bachelor's programme in Animal Sciences are eligible for direct entry to the following Master programmes:

And provisional entry to these programmes:

Entry to other programmes is possible, but will depend on how students spend their elective credits.

Planning your MSc Animal Sciences

The master Animal Sciences is a tailor-made program in which your interest and choice come first. In other words: you are the designer of your own master's program!

You choose at least one specialisation: you follow in-depth courses in preparation for your master's thesis and write a major thesis at one of the chair groups of that specialisation. In addition, you choose either an internship at a company or institution, or a second (minor) thesis in a (different) specialisation. Next to that, you could also choose to follow courses outside the domain of animal sciences, where you acquire skills for a specific career after graduation, for instance in education, communication and policy, business and management, or in research. There are also possibilities to follow an international master's programme where you graduate from two universities at the same time (double degree programmes).

In short, the master's programme Animal Sciences offers a great deal of freedom and together with your study advisor you build your own customised master's programme.

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