Research projects

Below a complete list of research projects currently performed at Bioprocess Engineering is given. In many of these projects there are possibilities for BSc and MSc students to perform a thesis. If interested please feel free to contact the theme leader.

Microbial Biotechnology

Nuran Temelli Modifying the general stress response to improve yeast cell factories
Carlos Serrano Fajardo Hydrogen gas fermentation as the future protein source
Matic Kostanjsek Converting isoprenoid biosynthesis into an energy-generating process for sustainable production

Microalgal Biotechnology

Omnia Hamdy Microalga as a sustainable oil crop for biofuels
Sabine van Oossanen Metabolic modeling and engineering of Nannochloropsis microalgae for improved lipid production
Sebastian Canizales Gomez Phototrophic polypeptide production from urine
Christian Südfeld Tailored microalgae as a sustainable oil crop production platform
Narcís Ferrer Ledo Strain improvement of microalgae for the production of omega-3 fatty acids and fucoxanthin
Robin Barten Bioprospecting and directed evolution of microalgae from Bonaire
Rocca Chin-On Design of a floating photobioreactor for microalgae cultivation on Bonaire
Renske Rinzema Modelling and optimization of microalgae growth and product formation in outdoor tubular photobioreactors
Iago Dominguez Teles MERIT: Diterpenoid production from sunlight
Barbara Guimaraes Improving the mineral content in microalgal biomass for aquaculture
Fengzheng Gao Strain improvement of Tisochrysis lutea to produce fucoxanthin and DHA
Fengzheng Gao Producing fucoxanthin and DHA from Tisochrysis lutea during winter
Pedro Monino Fernandez Scaling up mixotrophic cultivation of extremophilic microalgae
Nicola Trevisan The microalgal chloroplast as a biological factory for the production of monoterpenoids

Animal Cell Biotechnology

Jort Altenburg A baculovirus expression system free of contaminating baculovirus particles (BACFREE)
Mels Schrama Process development of recombinant AAV manufacturing using the Baculovirus Expression System


Calvin Lo Deep Eutectic Solvents as a novel extraction system for microalgae
Iulian Boboescu Single-step disentanglement and fractionation of microalgal high-value products through acoustophoresis