Food Chemistry


Our laboratory provides several BSc and MSc courses. These are available for Wageningen University & Research students only. We participate in the programmes on Food technology (BSc/MSc), Nutrition & Health (BSc/MSc) and Biotechnology (BSc/MSc). In addition, it is possible to perform your Thesis and/or Internship at our Laboratory.

For more course info, see the Study Handbook website.

Course Overview   

  • FCH-11306 Nutritional Aspects of Foods
  • FCH-11406 Nutritional Aspects of Foods, dissection free
  • FCH-11806 Basics in Food Technology
  • FCH-20806 Food Chemistry
  • FCH-21806 Food Related Allergies and Intolerances
  • FCH-22308 Food Properties and Function
  • FCH-30306 Food Ingredient Functionality
  • FCH-30806 Advanced Food Chemistry
  • FCH-31306 Enzymology for Food and Biorefinery
  • FCH-31806 Advanced Biochemical Analysis of Food
  • FCH-32306 Food Digestion

  • FCH-50401 Capita Selecta Food Chemistry
  • FCH-50403 Capita Selecta Food Chemistry
  • FCH-50404 Capita Selecta Food Chemistry
  • FCH-50406 Capita Selecta Food Chemistry