The Bioinformatics group focuses on fundamental and applied bioinformatics research in the green life sciences. We develop and apply novel computational methods for the analysis and integration of –omics data. We teach bioinformatics and data analysis to students at the bachelor, master and PhD levels.

Courses & Thesis Projects

The Bioinformatics Group offers several courses and thesis projects.

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Predicting enzyme specificity using machine learning

Janani Durairaj, PhD student in our group, published a paper in PLoS Computational Biology, integrating coevolution and structure-based machine learning to predict predict precursor cation specificity in plant sesquiterpene synthases.

Machine learning is hot

Machine learning is a hot topic in the plant sciences. Read a review by our own experts Aalt-Jan van Dijk en Dick de Ridder.

Veni Grant

With his research on a computer-aided drug discovery platform that designs and explores modular peptide synthetases, dr. Mohammad Alanjary has been awarded with a Veni Grant.

ERC Starting Grant

Marnix Medema was awarded an ERC Starting Grant for his project 'DECIPHER', which will focus on interpreting the chemical language of the microbiome.


Upcoming PhD defenses

After years of hard work, Miguel, Victoria and Janani all have their PhD theses coming up. They will be defending on September 1st, September 13th and September 15th, respectively.

New postdocs

On March 1st, Zachary Reitz started as a postdoc in our group. They will work on gene-expression-based function prediction of biosynthetic gene clusters in microbiomes. On May 1st, Kumar Singh started as postdoc. He will work integrative omics analysis to identify plant biosynthetic pathways involved in recruitment of microbiota.

PhD defence Rens Holmer

On June 14th, Rens Holmer defended his PhD thesis, entitled "Comparative and functional genomics of nitrogen-fixing rhizobium symbiosis in plants". Congratulations, Rens!

PhD defence Satria Kautsar

On May 25th, Satria Kautsar successfully defended his PhD thesis, 'Mapping natural product diversity through genomics'. Congratulations, Satria!

New PhD student(s)

On December 1st, 2020, Hannah Augustijn started her PhD project on a collaborative project between the Medema group and the Van Wezel lab in Leiden. Welcome, Hannah!

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