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Animal Health & Welfare

Wageningen Livestock Research uses its broad expertise about animal health and welfare (such as animal behaviour and physiology) in research and knowledge transfer to improve the livestock sector.

During this process it is important that the contributions are scientifically supported and that, in relation to the current opinions of our clients and other involved parties, they indicate what is important for the animal as objectively as possible. The sphere of activity is allied to various zoological, veterinary and social science disciplines.

Wageningen University & Research, Animal Welfare and Adaption

The Animal Health and Welfare department of Wageningen Livestock Research has set up a partnership on animal welfare with Wageningen University & Research. It is called the Wageningen University & Research, Animal Welfare and Adaptation.


The DierenWelzijnsWeb (Animal Welfare Web) is the central point where expertise, experience and educational aids about animal welfare are combined. The DierenWelzijnsWeb is an initiative of the Animal Welfare Lectorate in cooperation with the  Groene Kenniscoöperatie (Agricultural Expertise Cooperative), Wageningen University & Research and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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