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Animal Nutrition

Innovation, fundamental and application-oriented research on animal nutrition as well as knowledge transfer. That is what we do at Wageningen Livestock Research on the field of animal nutrition.

Since 2008, Wageningen Livestock Research has worked closely together with the Animal Nutrition Group of Wageningen University & Research and the Animal Nutrition Department of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University as part of the Centre for Animal Nutrition. The Centre for Animal Nutrition develops fundamental and application-oriented expertise about animal nutrition and ensures the exchange and transfer of this expertise to government agencies, businesses, the primary animal nutrition sectors, societal institutions, NGOs and students.

Important themes and products in this field are:

  • nutrigenomics in relation to systems biology
  • animal nutrition in relation to environmental quality and production efficiency
  • animal nutrition in relation to animal health
  • animal nutrition in relation to product quality
  • animal nutrition in relation to animal welfare
  • feed value analysis (and systems), including research and by-products from the biobased economy
  • studies into the effectiveness and safety of animal feed additives, raw materials and feeds

We invest in strategic expertise development (for example in the area of nutrigenomics), as well as in the related development of the international and research profile of our people and our work.

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