Academic Consultancy Training

Often, civil society and public or private organizations have specific consultancy and research queries and have no time or resources to address them. Wageningen University & Research can help with this.

Within the course Academic Consultancy Training (ACT), students work jointly in multi-disciplinary teams of 5 to 7 students addressing specific queries set by societal and private organizations. The ACT teams are supported by an academic advisor that is responsible for the academic quality of their work and by a coach guiding the team process. Almost one thousand Wageningen University & Research students per year are engaged in ACT projects and provide academic consultancy advices to various societal and private organizations in the Netherlands and in the world. Students participating in the ACT course are almost at the end of their Master program and have a background in social sciences, plant sciences, environmental sciences, animal sciences, agro-technology and food sciences.

We are always looking for real-life multi-disciplinary projects that ACT teams can engage with. If you are a civil society, public or private organization and are interested in submitting a multi-disciplinary project to be carried out by ACT teams or would like more information about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.