Academic Consultancy Training

Innovative ideas do not always lead to completely developed projects, due to lack of time and / or creative energy. The students of Wageningen University & Research may offer a solution to this problem.

Companies, governmental bodies and education- and research institutions can submit real-life projects to the Education Project Services to work on them with students.

> Read more about the Education Project Services and the different types of student projects.

Academic Consultancy Training (ACT) is an example of a course in which students can get started with your project. The Education Project Services is constantly searching for projects that students can work on in this course. These are problem-orientated, interdisciplinary assignments in which a multidisciplinary group of approximately six students can use their creativity to find a solution. Does collaborating with students appeal to you? Would you like well-educated students to work on one of your projects? Then please read further or contact the Education Project Services via the contact form.

It is great to work with motivated people
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