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Examples of student projects

Students of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) can contribute to solving your problem in various ways. For example, they develop visions for the future, conduct interviews, organise workshops, give presentations, design calculation models and write feasibility studies.

The assignments that students can solve are very varied. This depends on the subject on which students work for the assignment. For example, it may be a (relatively) short literature study, a multidisciplinary consultancy assignment, an extensive study (literature and data collection) or a short practical study.
  • Geographical Ecosystems Mapping for Development of a Regenerative Farming Community in the Eastern Cape

    Students from the course “Remote Sensing and GIS-Integration” collaborated with Kidlinks Small Farm Incubator (KSFI) to identify community clusters, locate vital farming resources, and plan the development of farming hubs effectively – by means of a mapping project.

    I was really happy with both project collaborations. The students did an exceptional job and they went above and beyond my expectations.
    Liza Lightfoot, commissioner

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  • Web 72 Anatoth 239x159.jpg

    Designing an edible food forest in southern France

    Association Anatoth in Pernes-les-Fontaines, France, partnered with WUR students to design a 600m2 edible forest garden. Students performed thorough research and delivered a list of indigenous plant species, an implementation and management plan for the forest, and a map of the area.

    It is a privilege to have a group of Master students putting all their work into a project for several weeks, doing all the research and coming up with solutions.
    Loena Bautista, commissioner

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  • Testimonial Onderweg naar Duurzaam small image.jpg

    Making events in Wageningen more sustainable

    Multiple groups of students in the course Academic Consultancy Training (ACT) collaborated with non-profit organization Stichting Onderweg naar Duurzaam to make events in Wageningen more sustainable – by means of providing hands-on solutions for local entrepreneurs and policy advice to the municipality.

    The students were very professional and eager to learn, took feedback well, and really wanted to think along.
    Casper Bijl, commissioner

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  • Testimonial BeenBean.JPG

    The success of BeenBean’s student project

    Product improvement through student projects? Tom Nassar Codina, founder of BeenBean, tried this out. In February 2023, he commissioned a student project at Wageningen University and Research. WUR students investigated tempeh production and provided suggestions for improvement. By implementing some of these suggestions. Partly because of these suggestions, the shelf life of the product is extended.

    The students were very efficient in identifying some issues that we had been struggling with for quite some time. So much so that we almost immediately began setting up two more ACT projects, now that we knew what a group of student could achieve.
    Tom Nassar Codina, commissioner

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  • ACT Award 2024.JPG

    Students Win ACT Award 2024 for Their Impressive
    Work on Estate De Lieskamp

    Six Master's students received the Academic Consultancy Training Award 2024 at the beginning of May. They collaboratively demonstrated how to create scientific value for society. The jury was impressed by the practical application and significant social impact of the project.

    It was very nice that we could talk to the owner a lot. We could keep her updated and involved in the project.
    Josje Schuttinga, student

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