Compare the bachelor's Tourism

Compare the BSc Tourism programme with other programmes in Wageningen or with programmes from other universities with a focus on tourism and sustainability. It is important to consider your study choice wisely. Comparing different programmes can help. We therefore have listed several study programmes that have similarities with the BSc Tourism programme.

Compare the programme in Wageningen

BSc Internationale Ontwikkelingsstudies

Work on current development issues such as poverty reduction, refugee flows and food security. You deal with changes within living conditions of people in developing countries and Europe.

BSc Environmental Sciences

How can we, with 7 billion people on Earth, keep our living environment healthy? That is something you will learn in the Environmental Sciences degree programme. You will learn to research environmental issues such as pollution, depletion of natural resources, and climate change from a natural sciences and social sciences perspective. You will also learn how you can identify and design sustainable solutions.

BSc Bos- en Natuurbeheer

You learn how important nature is to society. You will delve into the ecological processes of nature reserves all over the world, including the role of animals, forests, other vegetation and the landscape. However, you will also deal with the more social aspects of nature, such as policy, the economy and how people experience nature.

BSc Communicatie en Life Sciences

Bridge the gap between science and society and guide negotiations on the use of space, nature, the environment, water and health. You will learn about effective communication strategies, media and conditions to develop effective messages.

BSc Internationaal Land and Water Management

The International Land and Water Management degree programme primarily focuses on parts of the world where natural resources are becoming increasingly scarcer. Drought and flooding can ruin harvests. By combining knowledge of climate, soil, water, and socioeconomic circumstances, a contribution will be made towards the integration of improved irrigation systems, reservoirs, terraces, and soil protection.

Compare the programme to other universities

The Bsc Tourism is the only scientific tourism programme in the Netherlands and is therefore unique. There are programmes that have similarities with the BSc Tourism.

Tourism Management (Breda University of Applied Sciences)

Tourism Management in Breda is a HBO-programme. Tourism Management has a strong focus on economics and management within the tourism industry.

Global Sustainability Sciences (Utrecht University)

In the Global Sustainability Science programme you learn how to develop solutions to sustainability issues. This involves studying the interaction between humans and nature at the local, regional and global level. The programme will equip you to make a meaningful contribution to our planet.