Educational elements

The programme will be as much as possible incorporated in your regular programme and consists of the following elements:

1. WASS orientation (3 ECTS): The orientation offers insight in the research programmes of the chair groups of WASS and in the PhD trajectory. With this knowledge, the course guides students in making an informed choice for a research topic, a chair group and a tutor for writing a PhD proposal.

2. Advanced master courses/ interdisciplinary windows (min. 8 ECTS)
a. Advanced master courses: Restricted optional courses (6 ECTS each), offering advanced knowledge on theory or methodology;
b. WASS interdisciplinary windows: Tutorials (2 ECTS each) developed within one of the WASS themes, in which small groups of MSc students and PhD candidates guided by senior experts, deepen their knowledge on theory or methodology.

3. Research Practice of Research Internship (24 ECTS), the research internship is preferred at another selected university or research organisation (possibly abroad).

4. A research master cluster (12 ECTS) aimed at writing and defending a PhD proposal.

The minor thesis will replace the internship in the regular MSc programme. The Research Master Cluster will replace the ACT and Modular Skills training in most regular programmes (ask your study advisor).