WASS Graduate Programme

The Wageningen School of Social Sciences (WASS) Graduate Programme offers motivated MSc students from several MSc programmes the opportunity to follow a special track starting in the second half of the first year of their MSc. The specific content and scheduling of this track differs per MSc programme and is determined in consultation with your study advisor.

The programme prepares students for a PhD position by providing them with additional support for writing and defending their own PhD research proposal. Participants receive the best possible training and supervision in their endeavour to become a PhD candidate thereafter.

Students who complete the graduate programme will receive a WASS certificate. WASS intends to earmark budget for (at least*) one PhD position for the best PhD proposal each year.

Eligible MSc programmes:
MAM: Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management
MCH: Communication, Health and Life Sciences
MCL: Climate Studies
MDR: Development and Rural Innovation
MES: Environmental Sciences
MFN: Forest and Nature Conservation
MID: International Development studies
MLP: Landscape Architecture and Planning
MME: Management, Economics and Consumer studies
MUE: Urban Environmental Management

*Currently one PhD positions are available