Participating groups

The researchers who participate in WASS are based in 26 chair groups within two Wageningen University Sciences Groups, and in two Wageningen University & Research institutes.

There are various co-operations of WASS researchers with other researchers within and outside science group or institute, thus providing connections between the social sciences and the natural sciences and technical disciplines.

The groups work together in three clusers:

  • "Animals in Future Food Systems and Society"-cluster, consisting of the chair groups ADP/ANU/APS(+FTE) - in short called: "green cluster"
  • "Animal Populations, Interactions and Genomics"-cluster, consisting of the chair groups ABG/HMI/QVE - in short called: "yellow cluster"
  • "Integrative Animal Biology"-cluster, consisting of the chair groups AFI/BHE/CBI/EZO/HAP/MAE+REG - in short called: "blue cluster"

Department of Social Sciences

Department of Environmental Sciences

Research Institutes