Course registration

For WASS PhD courses, Interdisciplinary Windows, Summer/Winter schools and Masterclasses, registration can be done via the registration form on the WASS website. Please make sure you provide the most recent contact details so that in case of any changes you will be notified promptly. After your on-line registration you will receive a short notification that your name has been registered. At least 2 weeks before the course you will receive a confirmation about the location and the schedule. WASS will also send an invoice to your address indicated on the registration form. Please send an e-mail to Marcella Haan in case you have not received the second confirmation two weeks before the course.

For Graduate programme courses enrolment can be done via My Portal, after registering at the Student Service Center (yearly renewal required, see link). At Wageningen University the academic year is divided into six periods. The first period begins in September; the last in May. Before a period starts you must register for the courses which you are going to take. For more information go to Registration for courses. If you register for a course, you are automatically registered for the course examination.