Working on Nitrogen & Climate

Do you want to study how the emissions of nitrogen and greenhouse gasses in agriculture may be reduced, allowing us to achieve the climate goals? We seek ecologists, nitrogen experts, animal feed experts, environmental experts, technologists, and economists to conduct research in a multidisciplinary team to find solutions within the complex field of nitrogen and greenhouse gasses.

The role of nitrogen on the climate

The part nitrogen plays within climate change is one of the issues on which WUR works. Approximately 14% of the global greenhouse gas emissions originate from the livestock sector. At WUR, we investigate where and how these emissions occur and what measures we can take to mitigate the emission of ammonia, odour and particulates.

Thus, we contribute to achieving the climate goals and attempt to move out of the nitrogen deadlock.

Do you want to contribute within your field?

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Want to join us at WUR?

Are you looking for a challenging position in which you can contribute to finding solutions to nitrogen and climate issues? Do you want to apply your expertise towards sound policies based on research? Or, do you want to investigate the socioeconomic significance? We are looking for you!

Check our job openings and apply! Or, send and open application to our recruiter.

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