The Bruker FT-IR spectrometers

The laboratory for Organic Chemistry has at its disposal two Fournier-Transform Infra-Red spectrometers.

Both are Bruker Tensor 27's. One is equipped with a liquid nitrogen cooled MCT-detector for extra sensitive measurements. The other is connected to a Bruker Hyperion 2000 IR-microscope. This microscope has also a liquid nitrogen cooled MCT-detector. Both machines are controlled by Bruker's OPUS software.

Available accessories: Harricks Auto-Seagull for reflective absorption spectrometry (IRRAS) (angle from 85° till 10°); KBr pellet holders, liquid cells and salt crystals for film experiments.

The microscope has a 15X IR objective as well as a 15X GIR-objective. The stage is XY-controlled by the software and/or by a joystick