The Finnigan LXQ Mass Spectrometer

Present probes:
  • ESI              (Electrospray Ionisation)
  • APCI            (Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization)
  • Nanospray    (via DESI interface)
  • DESI            (Desorption Electrospray Ionisation)
  • DART           (Direct Analysis in Real Time)

The LXQ MS detector is a linear ion trap mass analyser with high sensitivity.
Several important features of the detector includes:
-Positive and negative ion polarity  modes
-MS, MS/MS and MSn scan modes
-Full scan, SIM, SRM, data-dependent, ion mapping 
We have a separate data processing station with powerful software as Mass Frontier, which provides tools for the management, evaluation and interpretation of mass spectra and BioWorks which allows you to perform analyses of mass spectrometry data from samples containing biological molecules such as proteins and peptides.

Beside direct infusion, our Surveyor Plus HPLC system with temperature controlled sample tray (0 to 60 °C) and column oven (5 to 95 °C) allows analyte separation prior to MS analysis with PDA detection from 190 to 800 nm. Various HPLC columns are available.
Room: 7082, Helix, Organic Chemistry