Welcome Note

PhD-students from the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry organize a study trip abroad bi-annually to strengthen existing, and establishing new contacts and to increase our knowledge in our fields of research. These fields include:

Silicon nanoparticles: synthesis, characterization application and determination of toxicity.

Surface modification: of silicon and silicon nitride surfaces with organic compounds.
Carbohydrate synthesis: synthesis of ganglioside carbohydrate epitopes and application on surfaces for the detection of antibodies.
Natural flavonoid: dyes for textiles, analytical methods and studies on the issues of light fastness of dyed wool.
Fluid dynamics & polymer chemistry: droplet formation from capillaries combined with separation of polymers by application of an electric field.
Computational chemistry: on i.e. strain-promoted alkyne-azide cycloadditions.

This study trip is an obligatory part of the Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) of all PhD-students connected to the Graduate School VLAG. This year, the PhD-students will visit research groups at universities, institutes and companies for one week in Northern England and Scotland. During these visits we exchange experience and by means of presentations, mini-symposia and laboratory tours. During the stay in Northern UK, there is ample opportunity for the students to give lectures, during which they present their own research facilitating the start of (informal) discussions about topics directly related to their work. Summaries of these lectures and results of these visits will be collected in a final report book, which will be sent to all who have contributed to this trip.

This year, 13 PhD-students of the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry will participate in this study trip and will be accompanied by two staff members: Dr. Jos M. J.  Paulusse, and Prof. Dr. Han Zuilhof.