Courses of the Animal Nutrition Group

The Animal Nutrition Group provides education and training at the BSc, MSc, PhD level. Next to the courses indicated below, we are involved in various other (multi)disciplinary courses like Companion Animals, Qaulity of Animal Products and Research Master Cluster.

Graduate courses

BSc courses
Period Month(s) Course code Course name
3 Jan-Feb ANU-20303 Principles of Animal Nutrition
6 May-Jun ANU-50806 Feed Formulation Science
MSc courses
Period Month(s) Course code Course name
4 Feb ANU-30806 Animal Nutrition and Physiology
5 Mar-Apr ANU-30306 Nutrient Dynamics
6 May-Jun ANU-31306 Feed Technology
All - ANU-50302/50304 Capita selecta Animal Nutrition (project)

Other courses

You can consider the courses below to further advance your knowledge and skills in (animal) nutritional sciences.

Food production chains and Product quality

  • Quality of Animal Products (YAS-32806)
  • Introduction Animal Sciences (YAS-10306)
  • The role of Livestock in Future Food Systems (YAS-33406)

Organic farming, grazing systems, and on-farm feeds

  • Future Livestock Systems (YAS-31306)
  • The role of Livestock in Future Food Systems (YAS-33406)

Feeding and feed intake regulation/feeding behavior/feeding strategies

  • Companion Animals (YAS-32306)
  • Behavioural Endocrinology (HAP-21806)
  • Brain, Hormones, and Metabolism (HAP-30806)
  • Psychobiology of Food Choice and Eating Behaviour (HNE-30306)
  • Principles of Sensory Science (HNE-32806)

Orchestration of nutrient partitioning

  • Nutritional Physiology (HAP-30306)

Health and welfare, nutrition-related disorders

  • Companion Animals (YAS-32306)
  • Health, Welfare and Management (ADP-30306)
  • Molecular regulation of health and disease (HNE-31806)
  • Immunometabolism (HNE-31206)
  • Nutrition and cancer (HNE-37806)
  • Nutrition and cardiometabolic diseases (HNE-32106)
  • Metabolic Consequences of Chronic Disease; Nutritional and Pharmacological Intervention (HNE-37506)
  • Nutrition and sports (HNE36806)
  • Introduction to Epidemiology and Public Health (HNE-24806)
  • Courses Utrecht University, Veterinary programme (to be specified)

Research methodology in nutrition sciences

  • Applied Data Analysis (in Human Nutrition and Health Research) (HNE-37306)
  • Methodology Nutrition Research (HNE-24306)
  • Practical tools in molecular nutrition research (HNE31106)

Advanced courses on digestion and absorption

  • Food Digestion: Fermentation and Gut Health (FCH-32306)
  • Food Digestion: Nutrient Breakdown and Absorption (HNE-30706)
  • Food Digestion: Ingestion and Structure Breakdown (FPE-32306)

Courses on animal nutrition at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Utrecht University; in Dutch)

  • Blok Digestie (DB2-B-DI; BSc)
  • Stofwisseling en Endocrinologie (DB2-B-SE; BSc)
  • Track Keuzecoschap Voeding (DMG-K-VOE; MSc)

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