Courses of the Law Group

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Period 1

LAW12806 Introduction to Law for the Life and Social Sciences

YSS38206 Grand Challenges for the Governance of Sustainability Transformations (joint effort with ENP, PAP and PHI)

Period 2

LAW22806 Food Law

LAW32806 Legal Transformation and Regulation of Food Systems

LAW55306 Food, Nutrition and Human Rights

Period 3

LAW22306 International & EU Environmental Law

LAW32306 Intellectual Property Rights

Period 4

LAW12306 Commercial Law (in Dutch)

LAW39206 Transnational Environmental Law & Regulation

LAW39406 Law of Marine Environments and Resources

LAW39806 National Food Laws in Comparative Perspective

Period 5

LAW31806 International Food Law

Period 6

LAW57806 Consumer Law

All Periods

LAW59703 Essential Law for the Living Environment

LAW50402 Capita Selecta 2 ECTS
LAW50403 Capita Selecta 3 ECTS
LAW50404 Capita Selecta 4 ECTS
LAW50406 Capita Selecta 6 ECTS

Courses offered in Collaboration with Other Chair Groups

Period 1

PAP22306 Policy, Governance & Law

Period 2

ENP39406 Transformative Sustainability Practices for Systemic Change

Period 3

ENT21306 Insects as Food and Feed

PAP32306 Advanced Comparative Public Governance for Sustainability Transformations

Period 4

Period 5

ENP10806 Environmental Policy Instruments

FQD21306 Food Packaging and Design

YSS38406 Research and Design for Transformative Sustainability Governance

Period 6

AEP53802 Advanced Course on Economic Regulation

FCH12306 Food Technology for Nutritionists

FHM61312 Food Safety Management