Thesis with the Law Group

The Law Group provides supervision for BSc and MSc theses.
Much of the information you need regarding your thesis will be provided to you by the study advisors connected to your BSc and MSc programme. On this website, we provide some additional information on specific aspects of supervision by the Law Group.

The Law Group can provide supervision and support for theses in the following general and specific domains:


  • Law, legitimacy and processes of legitimation and power
  • Law, legitimacy and processes of globalization
  • Law, systemic change, circular economy, risks regulation, innovations and technologies
  • Law, human rights and sustainable development
  • Standardization, certification and accreditation in relation to trade and development

Food law

  • Food law at the global, regional (EU) and/or national levels
  • The human right to food: its making, meaning and social, legal and governance implications (also part of ‘Business and Human Rights’)
  • Food chains and corporate social responsibility
  • Pre-market safety assessment requirements on innovation in the food sector
  • Emergence of alternative food law on the basis of self-regulation through private standards (BRC, ISO, etc.)
  • Food security and insecurity, sovereignty and governance
  • Microorganisms in food law; the role of natural science in food law
  • Food-related institutions: FAO, the European Food Safety Authority, the Food and Veterinary Office etc.
  • E-Food
  • Food Justice/ Food System Solidarity

    Environment and Energy law

    • Climate change
    • Energy law
    • Pollution, pesticides and plastics
    • Biodiversity
    • Environmental and climate justice
    • Agricultural law (also part of ‘Food Law’)
    • Animal law (also part of ‘Food Law’)

      Business and Human Rights

      • Labour law (safety and health of workers)
      • Public procurement law (also part of ‘Food Law’)
      • Trade and investment law (also part of ‘Food Law’)
      • Privacy and data rights
      • Consumer law (also part of ‘Food Law’)
      • Aquatic resource management
      • Sovereignty and Food

        Law thesis reports

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        Examples of recent thesis topics

        We follow the University criteria for the assessment of the thesis and internship work. In addition, we have developed short guidelines referring specifically to LAW theses and internships, specifying the steps and requirements that need to be respected. We advise you to have a look at our procedures on the Brightspace pages, Thesis Law Group and Internship Law Group. In order to be added to the Brightspace groups, please send an email to: and

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