Our courses

In every period of the academic year, the Operations Research and Logistics (ORL) group teaches various courses. Our courses focus on methodologies for decision sciences and the analytical aspects of managing operations and supply chains. In most of our courses, we combine our methodologies with domain-specific examples from the bio-based and agri-food practice.

In addition, our group contributes partially to a selection of courses of other groups. For those courses, students acquire a selected amount of ECTS that are allocated to our group. Please have a look at the table below for the complete course overview we offer.

Code Name of the course Contact person Period Time/Language
ORL-20306 Decision science 1 Frits Claassen 1 afternoon / UK
BCT-23806 Principles of Biobased Economy Dmytro Krushynskyi 1 morning / UK
ORL-20306 Decision science 1 Frits Claassen 2 afternoon / UK
BMO-24806 Supply Chain Management Sander de Leeuw 2 morning / UK
ORL-33806 Data Driven Supply Chain Management René Haijema 2 block / UK
PPS-30306 Quantitative Analysis of Land Use Systems (QUALUS) Argyris Kanellopoulos 3 block / UK
FPE-31806 Sustainability in Food Chains Renzo Akkerman 3 block / UK
ORL-32806 Sustainability Analysis Ellen Slegers 3 block / UK
ORL-33306 Decision Science for Technology Frits Claassen 4 block / UK
YSS-32806 Advanced Supply Chain Management Karin Pauls 5 afternoon / UK
ORL-30306 Decision Science 2 Joke van Lemmen 5 morning / UK
ORL-31806 Food Logistics Management Rodrigo Romero 5 afternoon / UK
ORL-30806 Operations Research and Logistics René Haijema 6 morning / UK
FPE-10808 Food Production Chains Frits Claassen 6 morning / UK
FQD-20804 Quality Systems Operations Renzo Akkerman 6 afternoon / UK
ORL-32306 Biobased Logistics Argyris Kanellopoulos 6 afternoon / UK
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