Fast, on-site methods for food safety and authenticity

Due to the globalisation of food production, establishing the origins, quality, and safety of food resources has become a significant challenge. This requires smart, affordable solutions to measure food safety.

In 2018 project AF17038, 'Fast on-site methods for food safety and authenticity' has started. The ambition of AF17038 is to add new PPP projects during the in the first year after its start. AF18094 is a cluster of two new PPP that fit seamlessly with the purpose and method of AF17038. The two new food safety challenges/consortia are:

  • Mycotoxins in brewery raw materials. Within this project a fast on-site differential test (Lateral Flow Device, LFD) is being developed that can distinguish between deoxynivalenol (DON) and its conjugated variant deoxynivalenol-3-glucose (D3G). This test will be introduced on the work floor of small craft breweries.
  • Identifying undesirable properties in new plant varieties. In this PPP, state-of-the-art sequencing strategies and technologies and new data analysis routines will be combined into new protocols for rapid screening of unknown plant material, with a focus on components that are relevant for food and feed safety.