The effects of COVID-19 on food systems: rapid assessments

The effects of COVID-19 on food systems: rapid assessments

Over the first half of 2020, COVID-19 spread across the globe. Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation and partners were deeply concerned by its effect on food systems in low and middle income countries. That’s why we designed a participatory method involving local stakeholders to rapidly assess the impacts of the pandemic on agricultural sectors. The method helped to take immediate actions to curb negative impacts. On this webpage, you find an overview of our COVID-19 rapid assessments on a country and sector level. We also disclose the method and a rapid sector assessment tool – showing you opportunities for future applications.


Our research is based on a solid methodology and steps for rapid assessments.

Synthesis documents

Our rapid sector assessments tool gives you insights in how the rapid assessments can be used as an tool to manage agricultural sectors adaptively. You can also read our synthesis report, which discloses key insights in the overall outcomes of our rapid assessments.

Rapid assessments for the horticulture sector

Rapid assessments for the seed sector