Choosing, developing and evaluating interventions

There are many ways of persuading consumers to buy and eat healthier and more sustainable food. These can be linked to the product, the person, or the physical and social environment. Government agencies, businesses, and NGOs see a role for themselves in this process.

Wageningen Economic Research helps government agencies, businesses, and NGOs to formulate, choose, and implement measures, and evaluate their efficiency and effectiveness. We use a simulation model to imitate and predict the interaction between stakeholders (public and private sector, NGOs and consumers), combined with the extensive data and knowledge that we have accumulated on consumer behaviour.

Virtual Supermarket

Amongst the tools at our disposal is a virtual supermarket which provides us with insight into the consumer response to products and product changes on the supermarket shelves. We also use consumer panels and a game developed in-house.

Join Wageningen Economic Research in changing consumer behaviour