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Design & Test Intervention Strategies

Scientific testing of consumer behaviour is mostly carried out under controlled conditions and provides insights that can be used to adequately support your marketing decisions. These research techniques, whichare carried out at special test locations, exclude all kinds of external influences on consumer behaviour and subsequently clarify the role played by highly specific factors.

Although the consumer obviously won’t be using your product in a laboratory setting, the observed effect of a single intervention or nudge is often short-lived. A comprehensive approach is imperative to stable, long-term behavioural change: this requires a combination of interventions, which not only involve laboratory testing but also involve actual situations such as those that arise in restaurants, schools or shops.

Wageningen Economic Research achieves behavioural change by developing and testing intervention strategies in so-called real-life situations and by determining the best possible intervention strategy for long-term behavioural change. Our aim is to contribute to global sustainable and healthy consumer habits.

Real-life testing for maximum results

Together we will design intervention strategies that are based on both the latest scientific insights and consumer research, which has been conducted at our own test locations, and virtual consumer research. We will then test these well-thought-out intervention strategies in a real-life situation while focusing on the practicability, organisational acceptance and cost-related feasibility. You can often choose these test locations yourself to ensure that the results will be representative of your objectives.

We will also measure the impact of interventions on consumer behaviour while paying special attention to consumer satisfaction and willingness to pay. This is how we design effective strategies with a lasting impact.

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Why choose Wageningen Economic Research

  • Evidence-based insights into optimal intervention strategies for long-term consumer behavioural change
  • Decades of being a front-runners in innovative global market and consumer research
  • Extensive network of behavioural experts and a unique knowledge of global agricultural and food markets
  • State-of-the-art data and research capabilities and specialist domain expertise