Livestock and circular agrifood systems

Wageningen Livestock Research develops innovative solutions, focusing on the role of the animal in livestock farming, circular agrifood systems and future farming. In collaboration with other knowledge and research institutes, the trade and industry sector, NGO’s and governments, we seek solutions that contribute to sustainable food production and are fitting on a regional and (inter)national scale.

  • Research circular livestock farming

We are eager to work with you on circular livestock farming and aquaculture of the future, with a focus on:

Systems approach

  • Environment, biodiversity, society and the farmer
  • An integral (regional) approach
  • Connections and interaction between land and sea

Case-specific approach

  • Alternative proteins and waste streams for feed and aquaculture
  • Manure as a valuable resource
  • Healthy and resilient animals and aquaculture

Need for circular livestock farming

To continue to be able to feed the increasing world population in 2050, we must seek methods of production with less impact on the environment, climate and society. This requires a different approach to food production, and, thus, livestock farming and aquaculture.

A circular agrofood system is based on the tenet of optimally repurposing all biomass within the food system. Here, the role of animals is a crucial one: animals utilise waste streams and crops that humans cannot or don't want to consume, and convert these into high-quality nutrition suited for human consumption.

Circulair dairy farming

How can we help you with circular solutions?

Wageningen Livestock Research offers unique expertise. This allows us to collaborate with you towards solutions to the key challenges of livestock farming and aquaculture within the circular agrifood systems of the future. We achieve this through:

  • Consultancy
  • Applied scientific research by commission
  • Public-private collaboration
  • European research consortiums
  • Knowledge transfer, for example through workshops and webinars

We are eager to work with you towards circular livestock farming that contributes to the food supply of the future and offers new perspectives to farmers and their animals, entrepreneurs, the climate, nature and society.

Want to know more about circular farming solutions? Please feel free to contact:

Advise on circular agriculture

Sustainable and profitable livestock farming

Wageningen Livestock Research continuously develops its expertise and applies it toward sustainable and profitable livestock farming.

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Our partners

We conduct research for the agricultural sector, suppliers, food companies, sector organisations, governments, other knowledge institutes and civic organisations across the globe.