Top-level sport coaching

Top-level sport coaching

In addition to providing guidance and coaching to recreational athletes, Sports Centre de Bongerd also offers guidance and coaching to top-level athletes. You are eligible for this when you have a top sport status. The top sport coordinator of Wageningen University & Research assesses whether you meet the criteria to receive this status.

On the page about combining your study with top-level sport you can find more information on this subject (Dutch only).

The Movement Efficiency programme

When guiding and coaching top-level athletes, we work with a balanced schedule that is based on the so-called Movement Efficiency programme. This programme aims to achieve a better coordination and movement efficiency. Movement Efficiency trainings are conducted under the guidance of experienced strength trainer Tijmen van Oostenbrugge.


The trainings will focus primarily on improving the following three points:

  • Coordination
  • Power and ability (in jumping, sprinting and strength)
  • Movement efficiency

Ultimately, following the Movement Efficiency programme will lead to fewer injuries and improved sports performances.