Wageningen University & Research has incorporated sustainable mobility as a permanent aspect of operational management. In recent years, a number of initiatives have been taken to strengthen sustainable mobility, both at corporate level and at the level of the organisational components.

57% of employees cycle to work

At present, 57% of employees cycle to work. Only one third of employees take the car to work on a daily basis. In addition, High-Quality Public Transport (HQPT) is installed on Wageningen Campus. This will stimulate the use of public transport, as will the new bicycle routes and bicycle dispenser at the public transport stop.


Video conferencing is used to reduce commuting hours. Using videoconferencing to hold a meeting, presentation or job interview with your immediate colleagues or other employees saves on travel time and expenses and reduces CO2 emissions.

Electrical charging points for electric cars, e-bikes and e-scooters are available at Wageningen Campus for the benefit of sustainable transport.

Wageningen University & Research is also taking a critical look at the mobility options offered to guests from abroad.