Non-Genetic Generation of Antibody Conjugates Based on Chemoenzymatic Tyrosine Click Chemistry

Bruins, Jorick J.; Damen, Johannes A.M.; Wijdeven, Marloes A.; Lelieveldt, Lianne P.W.M.; Delft, Floris L. Van; Albada, Bauke


The availability of tools to generate homogeneous and stable antibody conjugates without recombinant DNA technology is a valuable asset in fields spanning from in vitro diagnostics to in vivo imaging and therapeutics. We present here a general approach for the conjugation to human IgG1 antibodies, by employing a straightforward two-stage protocol based on antibody deglycosylation followed by tyrosinase-mediated ortho-quinone strain-promoted click chemistry. The technology is validated by the efficient and clean generation of highly potent DAR2 and DAR4 antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) with cytotoxic payloads MMAE or PBD dimer, and their in vitro evaluation.