How to apply for a bachelor's programme?

As a prospective first year bachelor's student you can submit a request to be enrolled for one of our bachelor's programmes in Studielink from now on. Please, first, check if you can be admitted to the bachelor's programme of your choice. Start your journey here?

Can I be admitted to the bachelor's programme?

You can be admitted to one of our bachelor's programmes, if you have the proper pre-education.

Please note that, with the exception of the English taught bachelor's programmes, fluency in Dutch is a requirement to be admitted to a bachelor's programme.

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How can I apply?

You can submit a request for registration in Studielink. In Studielink you make an account which is sent to our admission office. The admission office will contact you about the next steps (sending the right documents).

Application deadlines

All applicants have to take a ‘study choice check’.

Where are you from? Deadline
Dutch nationals with VWO diploma 1 August 2019*
Dutch nationals without VWO diploma 1 July 2019*
EU/EFTA nationals 1 July 2019*
Non-EU/non-EFTA nationals 1 May 2019*
*Please note: The BSc programmes Biotechnology and Nutrition and Health have a different deadline (15 January 2019) due to Numerus Fixus.

Important information for non-EU students

The Admissions committee can conditionally admit you based on information about the type of diploma you will obtain and a list of marks you have obtained so far. However, in order to apply for an entry visa, the Admissions committee has to have received certified copies of your documents before July 1 (applicable for non-EU students). This includes your obtained diploma, final list of marks and language and/or subject tests if applicable (i.e. you have to meet all requirements mentioned in the personal admission letter before this deadline).

Wageningen University does not arrange entry visa based on predicted grades or expected graduation dates. We are aware that this means that sometimes students are not able to start the programme in September of the current year but have to wait an extra year. To postpone, you should reapply for the programme in the next academic year via Studielink.

Filling in your payment details in Studielink

If you have submitted a request for enrolment or re-enrolment a new task will appear on you 'My to do list' in Studielink.

This task: 'Enter your payment details' will not appear before May 1st.

More about filling in your payment details