Our equipment

List of Equipment

The laboratory of Food Chemistry has facilities for large, semi-industrial scale chromatography of polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, proteins and  peptides. In addition,  various analytical equipment like CE, HPLC, GC, MALDI-TOF-MS, ESI-MS, DSC, and FT-IR. Next to this, NMR, CD and fluorescence facilities are shared with other laboratories. An overview is given below.

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HPLC (isocratic) SEC or IC RI / UV Dionex Ultimate 3000 (2x)
HPAEC (Inert quaternary) AEC PAD / UV Post column addition Dionex ICS 3000 (3x)
U-HPLC RP / NP UV / ELS / MS Thermo Accella (3x)
UPLC RP UV / MS / FLR Waters Acquity,HCl ass
Prep HPLC (quaternary) RP or NP UV Fraction collection Waters Prep
Semi-Prep LC SEC, IC or HIC UV Fraction collection Pharmacia Akta purifier / micro
Prep-LC SEC, IC or HIC UV / RI Fraction collection Pharmacia Akta explorer
Flash Chromatography SPE ELS / UV Fraction collection Grace Reveleris
GC (Olfactometry) Automated thermal desorption unit Thermo Trace
GC Automated static headspace sampler Thermo Focus
GC-MS Purge and Trap, dynamic and static headspace Thermo Trace MS
UV (Standard UV + kinetics) Several types
Circular dichroism
Fluorescence (polarization) detector Tecan Infinity 500
Phast-system SDS-PAGE, Native PAGE, IEF, titration curves Amersham Pharmacia Phast system
Biorad blotting Biorad
Capillary-electrophoresis UV / LIF / MS Beckman ProteomeLab PA-800 plus, Beckman ProteomeLab PA-800
Mass spectrometry
ESI / APCI Ion Trap MS Thermo LTQ Velos Pro, Thermo LTQ Velos
ESI TOF MS With Ion Mobility Waters Synapt G2Si HDMS
MALDI-TOF/TOF MS Bruker UltraflexTreme TOF
GC-MSD Thermo Trace MS + Pyrolyse
Automated drop tensiometer Tecklis Tracker
Differential Scanning Calorimetry
DUMAS nitrogen (determination unit) Thermo
Autoanalyser Skalar
pH stat
Nanosizer ZSP Malvern
Hyphenated techniques
U-HPLC – IT- MS Accella – Velos / VelosPro
UPLC-TOF-MS Acquity – Synapt G2Si HDMS
CE-IT-MS ProteomeLab PA800 plus – LTQ Velos
CE-TOF-MS ProteomeLab PA800 - Synapt G2Si HDMS