People of Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group

Chair and professors

Visiting researchers


Prof. dr. Hens Runhaar (The Netherlands)

Prof. dr. Hens Runhaar (1971) is Associate Professor of Governance of Nature and Biodiversity and visiting reseacher t the FNP Group. From 2015-2020, he ws a Special Professor of Governance of Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes at FNP. Hens studies interventions by governments, companies and NGOs to protect or enhance nature and biodiversity, with a special interest in agriculture. Ares of interest include nature conservation policy, voluntary conservation by farmers and agri-food companies, novel approaches such as system innovations for 'nature-inclusive' agriculture and nature-based solutions for urban greening. See here for a more detailed profile.

Dr. Bianca Ambrose-Oji

Dr. Bianca Ambrose-Oji (United Kingdom)

Dr. Ambrose-Oji works as a senior social scientist at Forest Research, where she has been actively researching UK and European forestry and nature conservation issues since 2008 primarily: environmental governance and policy, (wood)land manager decision making, community woodlands, public attitudes and engagement with nature, and impact evaluation. She uses mixed methods to apply a constructivist/ political ecology interpretation in her work. She has worked significant periods of time in Africa and Asia on issues related to forest-based livelihoods and community-based management of natural resources. Link to Research Gate Twitter@FR_SERG


Dr. Jinlong Liu (China)

Among his current postings, Dr. Jinlong Liu is Professor, Department Chair at the School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, and the Director for the Centre for Forest, Environmental and Resources Policy Study of the Renming University of China. He obtained his PhD in Rural Development Sociology from Wageningen University and Research. In the past 10 years, he has published extensively and provided consultancy services to - amongst others, the World Bank and Asia Development Bank - for development projects in China, Thailand, DPRK and Myanmar. He has also provided policy advice to the EU and the Chinese government. He is currently the coordinator of a working group of the IUFRO Traditional Forest-Related Knowledge in Tropical and Subtropical Region, a  member of the IUFRO Task Force on Forests for People, advisor in the National Community Development Advisory Group of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, PRC, advisor for the National Strategy and Roadmap of REDD+ in  DPRK, and a member of the National Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, Ministry of Agriculture, PRC.


Prof. Dr ir Cecil Konijnendijk (Canada)

A graduate of Wageningen University, Prof. Konijnendijk is a visiting researcher at FNP. Dr. Konijnendijk is an internationally recognised scholar within the fields of urban forestry and nature-based solutions. His research, teaching and advisory work focus on the role of forests and trees in cities, green space governance, urban forestry, and the design and implementation of nature-based solutions. Working from Barcelona, Spain, he is a professor and program director at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, and Director of the Nature Based Solutions Institute. He is also affiliated with a number of research organisations in China. It is his intention to visit Wageningen twice a year.