About Wageningen UR Library

About the Library

The core task of the library is to share and disseminate knowledge. By developing and maintaining a state-of-the-art knowledge infrastructure, WUR Library contributes to the effectiveness of the research and education at WUR.

Research & Education support

The front office employees are the first point of contact for students in the library. They provide a pleasant learning environment and help students in their search for information. The information specialists offer additional support to researchers, lecturers and students in all phases of the scientific cycle. This ranges from searching for sources, referencing & citing and data management, to sharing and publishing research results. A spearhead for the coming years is the Open Science and Education programme. Contact our information specialists.

Systems & Metadata

The Systems & Metadata section is responsible for the library systems, which includes integrating and configuring existing software and creating new applications. In addition, information is made available, for example in the research and information system Pure, in which all WUR output is registered.


The Collections section takes care of the management and development of the various collections within the library. This mainly concerns the purchase of e-resources and licenses. The hardcopy collections and special material will be digitised as much as possible over the next years, to allow for better accessibility and to keep them readily available in the long term.

Annual report of WUR Library