WUR Library

Make your WUR output visible

WUR has a complete infrastructure to register your research output and make it visible to the outside world. Learn how to register your output in the research information system Pure and make it visible through various channels, such as your WUR personal webpage, We@WUR, Research@WUR, Staff Publications, Narcis, FAO, EU-portals and more.

Register your WUR output

All new output, for example, articles, datasets, and conference presentations, needs to be registered in Pure. Dedicated Pure registration staff, usually your department’s secretary, are responsible for the registration. Some research output, for example, scientific articles, is automatically registered in Pure via Scopus. Check the Pure pages on intranet for more information on Pure registration.

Check your WUR output

Your WUR public staff profiles are directly fed by Pure. To help this process, your Pure registrations should be accurate. Check them regularly in Research@WUR or in Staff publications via MyLibrary. If you find mistakes or omissions, contact your Pure registration staff member or the Pure team at the Library.

Use your WUR output to showcase your work

Your WUR output is automatically shown on your WUR personal webpage, We@Wur profile, Research@WUR and Staff Publications and directly visible to the world. In MyLibrary, your personalized view from Staff Publications, you can export your publication list for your P&D tenure track evaluation or for your CV.

Tips to make your work visible

  • Complete your We@WUR profile and add your author IDs (ORCID, Scopus Author Identifier, etc.).
  • Request a DOI for your work, if you publish a WUR report or brochure, these often don’t automatically receive a DOI. A DOI makes it easier to link to a publication and for others to find it. It also helps to track citation counts of your work.
  • Publish Open Access so that everybody can access your work
  • Self-archive the author versions of your journal articles in the WUR repository when possible.
  • Update your researcher profiles to include your new publications, projects and affiliation.
  • Post links to your various works, for example, articles, reports, and datasets on academic and non-academic social media.
  • Use Altmetrics to track the societal impact of your work and to develop a strategy to maximise visibility and impact.