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Analysing Consumption Motives

In addition to a knowledge of consumer purchases, preparation and the consumption of products, effective consumer marketing activities require a thorough understanding of the motivations for perceived purchasing and consumption behaviour.
What do consumers think about when they are standing in front of a supermarket shelf? Is health, taste, or convenience the deciding factor in a purchase decision? Or are aspects like lifestyle and sustainability the deciding factors? How does a household member’s lifestyle, medical condition, or taste preference affect other family members?

These insights can be used to improve product composition, packaging, and branding. Consumers can also be divided into distinctive segments. Both of these processes will contribute to successful product launches and repositioning campaigns. Together with other consumer researchers from Wageningen Food and Biobased Research, Wageningen Economic Research can help you to answer these questions.

The great thing about the Smart Food Intake Project is that it not only targets food consumption or the underlying reasons, but that it tackles both of these things at the same time.
Mariska Dötsch, nutrition expert, Unilever


Co-creation, product marketing and consumer segmentation

In addition to the use of apps and surveys, we are using experience rooms and mood rooms to conduct research that supports us in identifying consumer motives. We are also using research methods like living labs and co-creation more frequently in our work. An example of co-creation would involve a collaboration between consumers and product managers from your organisation who work together to contribute to product improvement and effective marketing campaigns.

Working together with consumers on specific projects creates insights into the more pertinent underlying motives and important product aspects that are not always revealed by research activities like questionnaires and group discussions. This not only offers consumer segmentation opportunities for product aspects like taste and health, but also for other factors, such as social motives or status. Together, we will work towards more effective and efficient consumer marketing and product management.

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Why choose Wageningen Economic Research:

  • Evidence-based insights into consumer behaviour towards your product for different purchasing situations and consumer moments
  • Decades of being a front-runner in innovative global market and consumer research
  • Extensive network of experts and a unique knowledge of global agricultural and food markets
  • State-of-the-art data and models, apps, and domain expertise