WP6 EODHaM modelling modules development

Responsible of whole WP6 is Partner 5 who will be mainly involved in pressure-impact identification.

Partner 2, Partner 8, Partner 10, in cooperation with Partner 4 and Partner 1, will deal with modelling at habitat and landscape level. Partner 8 has the responsibility of Italian sampling sites in cooperation with all the Partners responsible of test sites, i.e Partner 2 for Greece, Partner 9 for Portugal. Partner 12 has the responsibility of sites in Brasil, Partner 4 for the Dutch site and Partner 11 for the Welsh site. Partner 3 has the responsibility of translating rule based experience into a knowledge base to be used for indicators production in forms of maps and indices. In order to achieve its objectives WP6 will consist of the following tasks:

  • Task 6.1 Modelling at habitat level.
  • Task 6.2 Modelling at landscape level.
  • Task 6.3 Ecosystem state assessment (soil/vegetation interactions, soil physical degradation, stoniness).
  • Task 6.4 Ecological Niche Modelling.
  • Task 6.5 Pressures scenario analysis.
  • Task 6.6 Development of an algorithm for conversion of land cover maps into habitat maps.
  • Task 6.7 Development of an algorithm for indicator production and their trend (changes) evaluation.