Facilities & Tools

Much of the research we perform for our clients and funders is dependent on state-of-the-art research facilities. Our in-house laboratories and our field research locations are open for use by third parties, with various conditions of use. Visual representation of data through maps is a powerful tool to enable decision making in governmental policies and in the private sector. We host a large number of national datasets such as satellite-based vegetation maps, land use maps and geomorphological maps. Also on this page, you can navigate tools, software and models that may help you implement your ideas and projects with or without the help of our experts.

Maps, geodata and geosoftware

Software, models and databases

Wageningen Environmental Research develops a variety of models, for example to test the suitability of a habitat for flora or fauna or with which to make harvest forecasts on the basis of meteorological and climate data.

All software, models and databases