Establishing a Named Fund

Do you want to advance a specific scientific issue over the long term? Do you consider it important to provide an extra opportunity to a specific group of WUR students? Or do you enjoy contributing to bringing 'Wageningen' knowledge and ideas to the market? In all these cases, you may consider establishing your own Named Fund within the University Fund Wageningen.

Establishing a so-called Named Fund has the advantage of securing gift deductions while avoiding almost all the formalities required when establishing your own charitable foundation. Furthermore, the continuity of your goals is generally better ensured under the wings of a large foundation.

One of the most important founding criteria is that your issue or theme, as well as the underlying goals, must serve the mission and ambitions of Wageningen University & Research (WUR). A Named Fund can support WUR in various ways: through scientific research, study/travel scholarships, or investments in startups.

Setting up a Named Fund makes sense with a contribution (in one go or in installments) starting from 250,000 Euros. Once funds are contributed, they cannot be withdrawn from a Named Fund.

In Practice

The spending rules of your fund, as well as the management of your contributed funds, are determined in consultation with the University Fund Wageningen. The fund capital is managed by the UFW as part of a larger investment portfolio.

The University Fund takes care of the complete administration of your fund and seeks the best destination for the funds you have contributed. Thus, the University Fund handles the entire selection process for applications (research) or scholarship students. University Fund Wageningen or a committee established by us ('curatorium') evaluates funding requests for your fund based on professionalism, effectiveness, and relevance.

After allocation of funds, the University Fund also monitors the accountability of spending and the achieved results. Founders of a Named Fund are kept informed of this, if desired.

Most founders of a Named Fund find satisfaction in establishing their own fund during their lifetime. This way, they can see how their donation 'yields results'. Nevertheless, some founders choose to activate the Named Fund only after their death through a testamentary donation.

More information

If you want more information about setting up your own Named Fund, would like to get in touch with someone who has already established their own fund with us, or would like to get started directly in setting up your own fund, please contact Harry Verwaaijen.