Stories from our talents

Abdullah stands besides his work on atmospheric pollution

Abdullah Al Nayeem

Abdullah got the chance to participate in the AMIGO workshop and the Global Emissions Initiative (GEIA) Conference in Brussels to further expand his knowledge on atmospheric pollution.

The belief in my potential of University Fund Wageningen has sparked a flame within me, and I am determined to honor their investment by creating a lasting impact in my field of study.
Abullah Al Nayeem, recipient Student Conference Grant

Maria stands in the Arboretum

Maria Angelica Christy Aka

Thanks to a contribution from the Anne van den Ban Fund, Maria can chase her ultimate goal of becoming a politician in Indonesia. She wants to become a minister and create a ministry or post in Indonesia for (gender) equality and social justice. She doesn't like how those are being handled there right now.

I’m so thankful that with the Anne van den Ban Fund someone finally recognised me.
Maria Angelica Christy Aka, MSc International Development

The three third-place winners of the Rethink Waste Challenge are pictured with their cheque for 1,500 euros.

Bernard Prasetyo

Bernard and his team Cult Factor won third place in the ReThink Waste Challenge due to their unique research in the interesting field of cultured meat. Their research could result in a much more efficient process in making this cultured meat.

I want to contribute to food security, because I see what effects climate change has on countries like my home country Indonesia.
Bernard Prasetyo, participant ReThink Waste Challenge

A woman writes in her notebook


Sri ran into financial difficulties due to academic and physiological problems. Thanks to the Louise O. Fresco Fund, her financial problems became a thing of the past.

Before I had gotten the funding, I had been eating very sad food. Please don't get me wrong, I am very grateful that at that time I was still able to eat something. But now that I got some help, I am able to also share food.
Sri, MSc Plant Sciences

Nam stands in a greenhouse

Nguyen Vu Bao Nam

Nam can try to realise his dream through a contribution from the Anne van den Ban Fund: ensuring that communities are not or do not become too vulnerable due to climate change.

I really wanted to do a master at WUR: Climate Studies. I didn’t managed to save a lot, and I didn’t want to ask more from my family. I got the Anne van den Ban Fund and started this August.
Nguyen Vu Bao Nam, MSc Climate Studies

Jonas Schmidinger presenting his work on digital soil mapping

Jonas Schmidinger

Jonas Schmidinger got the chance to present his work in the field of digital soil mapping on the conference of the European Geophysical Union.

University Fund Wageningen allowed me as a Master’s student to make my output visible to more experienced scientists. I am sure that this will be an advantage for my upcoming scientific career.
Jonas Schmidinger, recipient Student Conference Grant

A woman writes in her notebook


Rima had absolutely no means of assistance to complete her final year of the BSc Environmental Sciences. Thanks to a contribution from the Louise O. Fresco Fund, she was able to do so.

A lot of students go through financial stress to the point of dropping out, especially international students as we don’t even get the chance to work. I think this fund offers good help to people who need it.
Rima, BSc Environmental Sciences

Luka standing next to her work on thermal profiling in the field of hydrogeology

Luka Nie

Luka Nie had the opportunity to present her work on thermal profiling in hydrogeology at the European Geophysical Union conference.

I want to give my heartfelt thanks the Student Conference Grant and my supervisor Victor Bense for making this possible! I hope others will have the same chance to experience a science conference.
Luka Nie, recipient Student Conference Grant

Alex Ogelo sits in a lecture room

Alex Ogelo

Thanks to a contribution from the Anne van den Ban Fund, Alex Ogelo can contribute to the release and improvement of timely weather forecasts in his fatherland Kenya after his master's degree.

I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness when I heard that I got a scholarship from the fund. Out of nowhere, I could suddenly pursue a study that can give me my dream career.
Alex Ogelo, MSc Earth & Environment

Kang Li stands with Aalt Dijkhuizen, Lies Boelrijk and Anne Zaal, and his price of 4500 euros.

Kang Li

Kang Li received the Aalt Dijkhuizen Fund Scholarship 2023 on his work on earthworms. In his story he gives his future plans and gratitude towards the fund.

I think I am very lucky that I can have this opportunity to fix my economic problems, so I can focus more on the research. That is very meaningful for young researchers and students like me.
Kang Li, recipient Aalt Dijkhuizen Fund Scholarship 2023