Anne van den Ban Fund - applicant information

The Anne van den Ban Fund allows promising students from developing countries to follow a MSc education at Wageningen University.


This scholarship is by invitation only, you can not apply for this scholarship. Candidates are selected in close collaboration with the university. That is why interested students have to wait until an Anne van den Ban scholarship is offered to them. This happens in the spring around May. If you haven’t received an offer on June 1st you haven’t been selected.

Please note: emails asking about the application procedure for this fund will not be answered as it is not possible to apply.

For information about other scholarships please go to the scholarship page of the university

Information for current WUR students
Applications by current students for the academic year 2022-2023 will only be taken in consideration from May 2023. Applications are only open to students who fit the general criteria, have achieved excellent results and who run into financial trouble due to reasons outside their control and through no fault of their own. Please note that coming to Wageningen for a 2 year master study on a one year scholarship or budget doesn’t fit these criteria.

More about the Anne van den Ban Fund